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Mission Statement of the Preston Public Library

Mission Statement of the Preston Public Library


      Full and free access to information is a basic right of all citizens in a democracy, and such access must never be dependent upon the origin, age, or economic status of any individual. The Preston Public Library is the only institution serving the entire community, which has as its main objective the acquisition of materials and services needed for information, and the provision of the necessary skilled staff and facilities to permit and encourage their broad and effective use. The Preston Library Board of Trustees, as adopted by the American Library association hereby affirms the Library Bill of Rights.

      The Library’s purpose is to assemble, organize, preserve and make easily available to all people of the community those materials that will assist them to achieve the following personal goals:

      Pursue self-education

      Become more effective members of family and community

      Make effective use of leisure time and promote personal and social satisfaction

      Contribute to the growth of knowledge

      The Library Board of Trustees has a strong commitment to supply the materials and services needed by its constituents to meet the foregoing goals on a free and continuing basis. These materials will emphasize early childhood learning and adult recreational reading.

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